Are vaccines good for your bodies health? I before my education thought vaccines helped to ward off those pesky viruses and bacterial infections. But what I learned in the field of natural health is quite the opposite, lets give you a basic overview and history of vaccines.

Edward Jenner 1776 England was the first person to administer a vaccination, back then vaccines had alot of nutritional benefits, but in the 1960’s Before you knew it Big Pharma took over vaccines, and what they are doing to both adults and they’re children is appalling. Vaccines now consist of toxic heavy metals, chemicals and little to no nutritional value. The reason for this is to do the very opposite of what vaccines and doctors, who administer vaccines claim to do.

  • When you are a baby, your immune system is the last thing to fully develope, it takes years, as a matter of fact children learn to walk and talk before their immune systems are functioning at full capacity. What these heavy metals (barium, aluminium, mercury) in vaccines do is prevent the immune system from growing, and becoming fully functional. Thus making you sick and having to run to your doctors for Drugs. That equals big profits for big pharma. And thats not even the worst of it, after those metals destroy our immune systems, they then reside in the fatty organs of our body, which the major fatty organ of our bodies is the brain. From there the metals go to work, interrupting our brains electro-magnetic signals being sent out to the systems of the body. In lehmans terms it puts a kink in the communication chain. This results in autism, fibro myalgia, cancer, Alzheimer’s and a whole slew of other disorders. They’re are ways of detoxing from these metals. I will attach the links for the supplements that have worked for me. Silica is a mineral that makes up ninety five percent of the earths crust. And this mineral is negatively charged, heavy metals are positively charged. So the cheapest and most effective way I have detoxed from these metals is, Fiji water, and yes you read that correctly. This water comes from underground volconic chambers and contains a high amount of silica, and since its water it can also carry the mineral past the blood brain barrier. Then silica goes to work and start pulling the heavy metals from the tissue and excretes them through the urinary tract, Its that simple. Give it a shot, I mean your going to have to drink water anyway! Combined with that I used aloe water, again aloe vera contains these negatively charged ions that attract the positively charged ions of the metal. Then it detoxes them from your system.

Here are the links: fiji water

Aloe water:



The uses for marijuana when it comes to health are amazing, when administered correctly. Obviously it would not be in your lungs best interest to smoke it. But there are vaporizers you can get that boil the herb and transform it into a steam that is healthy and in my opinion the best way to take marijuana. From there the nutrients get into your blood streams via the lungs, and thats when the miracles start. The cannabinoid THC acts as a nervous system relaxant, which in turn helps rid your body of stresses, worries and anxieties with a moderate use of the herb. To much of it will do the opposite and agitate the nervous system in which case you will become extrememy anxiety filled, aswell as paranoid. So find the correct dosage, moderation is key. Then there is the CBD Cannabinoid, It is great for pain management and anti inflammatory. Helps with muscle pain, cleanses toxins out of the body and helps improve sleep! 

The only reason that Marijuana is not legalized in these United States is because of Big pharma, they realize the actually health benafits that the herb has, and they are throwing ubsurd amounts of money to shut down production and sales of the herb, until they create a synthetic version of it aswell as control and monetize it through monsanto. If this frankenstien version of this herb hits the market DO NOT BUY IT. It will cause more harm than good. 

I will attach my favorite CBD oil in a link HERE.


Hey guys, Hope you are all doing well. This morning is 9-30-17 at 7:00 A.M. and I am out doing what I try to do most weekend mornings. Im outside, standing in my yard watching the sun come up. You may think this sounds crazy at first, but let me share the science with you. Your organs, all get stimulated and Grow stronger when your eyes intake that color needed for growth. So lets take your liver for example. Yellow would be the color that helps stimulate and cleanse the liver aswell as helps the skin rejuvenate and excrete toxins. So white light (the light that the sun gives off) contains all the colors in the rainbow. And each one of those colors impacts and stimulates its corresponding organs. Also when I ground myself I remove my shoes and let my body soak up the electro-magnetism from the earth, to strengthen my bodies energy field. These techniques have been found to be greatly beneficial to the body throughout history, From the ancient egyptians to the native americans. They reported and taught that grounding oneself increases energy, kindness, strength, mental well being, peace and love for one another, Get out there and try it. Go out when the sun is barely visible and stay there for twenty minutes looking at the sun. But dont wait until it gets to bright otherwise it will be more detrimental than beneficial. 

God bless, Have a great day. 


Ohh Garlic, that pungent little herb, Hiding within its identifying odor is a host of benefits for your body. Garlic is arguably the most powerful herb on the planet, It is 300x more potent than any anti viral, fungal or biotic you can buy. It increases blood flow and muscle performance, strangthens the heart and boosts the immune system. It really is the best all around herb you can buy. Small consistent doses of it on an empty stomach works as well as any probiotic can, When you get bronchitiis it can be used to bring up the flem from your lungs. Its also really goid for energy increases aswell. I hope it works for you aswell as it does for me! I can’t gi a day without it. 

God bless, and have a great day. 

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Hey guys, Today I am going to talk about why we seem to be tired all the time. In this day and age where chemicals, toxins and nutrient deficient foods run wild its no surprise that our bodies start slowing down and get exhausted. Our immune systems are under constant bombardment from the enviroment. And worse yet our foods don’t give us the nutrients our bodies need to help combat these toxins, so know our energy is already behind the eight ball, Because of what it has to expend to keep the immune system running aswell as it can, being that it is low on nutrients. And doesnt have alot of energy to expend in the first place. But this is just one side of the coin.
Then we have the other half of the equation and that is stress level. Americans are the most stressed out nation in the world. We put our health in the back seat while we drive to what we think is success in finances, but it ends up costing us in the long run. We ignore the bodies signs that we need a break, if you are holding something heavy with your hands extended straight out in from of you how long could you hold it there? Some may be able to hold it for 15 minutes while others may be able to hold it for an hour, but inevitably your arms will collapse because it just cant handle the strain. So learn to take a break once in awhile and let your body rest, otherwise you are on a path to either physical or mental collapse.

Things you can do to help your body create more energy.

B-Vitamin complex, this will give your body a much needed boost.

Vitamin-C, plays an important role as it is the bodies main antioxidant. Gets your free radicals out of your system and boosts the immune system.

Green tea, will also boost the immune system and start the bodies natural regeneration processes.

Proper stress management, take time to listen to your body, and then give it what it needs. Whether thats a good long rest or letting go of past stresses or just cutting toxic people out of your life.

Hope this helps and God bless.